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Carpe Diem

About Us
Sagarsoft is a value-add partner to global enterprises including Fortune 500 companies and is a name of first recall in Digital Transformation.
Sagarsoft has ventured into niche market segments including high competition areas, proving its capability with consistency. Powered by a think tank of brilliant minds and keen strategists, Sagarsoft delivers its promise in mission critical projects, every time.

Exemplary project management distinguishes Sagarsoft as a leading solutions provider. Customized execution methodologies blended with highly advanced engagement models help Sagarsoft spearhead Digital Transformation for its clients through globally interlinked software delivery modules. A thorough understanding of the client’s business processes coupled with a vast international experience comprising innumerable project cycles help achieve the desired results.

Each project of Sagarsoft is unique in its goals, delivery approach, technology impact, and business benefits. The innovative spirit of Team Sagarsoft has inspired the company to explore a broad range of domains and create a host of competencies. Employing best practices that ensure absolute customer delight, the company’s diverse portfolio keeps on increasing as more and more clients repose their trust on this unparalleled expertise. Internal process transformation just sails through with Sagarsoft!

Our Vision
We are a People Company driven by Trust, Value, and Quality
Commitment & Core Values

A successful track record of customer-sensitive service delivery setting us apart, we envision a true business partnership delivery model across our continually expanding domain horizon based on trust.

We operate across the globe with a tightly intertwined team, focused on our core values, to execute individual project goals meticulously and consistently. A robust, flexible, and scalable IT infrastructure coupled with Global Standard Information and Physical Security constitutes our enduring, industry-ready framework.

We are committed to continuous process improvement and the true entrepreneurial spirit of a flat management structure fosters optimal risk management, staff training, maximum customer responsiveness, and unmatched support.

Management Team

Sagarsoft Management Team comprises technology and business visionaries propelling the company toward growth and success. Entrepreneurial and hands-on, they are knowledgeable and experienced on all fronts. Add to that a flexible delivery structure, which enables nimble response in a dynamic business and technological environment.

Satish Kalva

President & CEO

As an entrepreneur, Satish Kalva started Sagarsoft Inc. in 1999. As Sagarsoft’s President & CEO he drove the company as a start-up into a fully–fledged Information Technology Services company serving Fortune 500 companies. Prior to that Satish worked as a information technology consultant in enterprise solution groups at Pepsi, General Re, SCOR and Pfizer.

Satish Pareek


Satish Pareek brings with him more than 25 years of experience in the fields of Accounting, Finance and Taxation. Mr. Satish has held managerial positions at an MNC prior to joining our company, he is also the Managing Director of Prudent Financial Services, Inc. an affiliate of Sagarsoft.

Rathnakar Pandugalya

Director, Workforce Solutions

Rathnakar is the Director of Workforce Solutions at Sagarsoft. He has over 17 years of experience in Information Technology. Rathnakar’s extensive experience in Information Technology operations plus his leadership capabilities have been instrumental in the growth of Sagarsoft.

Roopesh Kondrella

Director, Services

Roopesh Kondrella has over 15 years of experience in IT development , strategic sourcing, consulting, operations and outsourcing. Roopesh has led some of the firm’s most complex, multi-tower, IT sourcing engagements with a particular focus on IT Project management and coordination. As a Director , Services of Sagarsoft, Roopesh is responsible for software development, client management and delivery of services to help clients maximize the benefits of their software practices.

20 Years Of Value-Added Partnerships
Evolved into a Domain infused Tech Solutions provider with market offerings in Application & Infrastructure transformation; Data housing systems & Enterprise BI; Book keeping.
With deepening capabilities in Business Platforms, UX, Mobile computing, Data & Modeling (Financial & Decision support), our portfolio expanded to providing Big Data, Digital transformation & Business Platform services.
Got listed on BSE. Launched Sentrifugo, Open Source HRMS product which continues to be very popular with SMEs world wide.
We translated 2+ decades rich experience of working with Global Businesses into a best practice approach to delivering transformational Tech solutions: Digital DAIS™, orchestrating the four components (Data, Applications, Infrastructure, and Security) for optimum gains.
Select partnerships have translated into strong capabilities and differentiated offerings. From ‘Proof of value’ to ‘Enterprise scale’ we are excited about the real value we can create in AI adaptation journey, Business Platform extensibility, and Technology transformation.
We will be 20 years young and rocking the next tech-wave. It’ll be a big day and we’ll party hard. You are invited, of course. Watch this space for exciting updates.