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Fast & Continuous.
We build Codebahns.

Old code. Pending Code. New Code. The Bahn makes it easier.

When Businesses target ‘speed to market’ and ‘agility’, they are invariably targeting the underlying software ‘release velocity’ achieved through agile delivery and ‘flexi, scalable, on-demand infrastructure’.

With smaller chunks of code being released for testing and integration, through a structured, stream lined and automated process, the collaborated production deployment becomes smooth and easier to manage. The gains seen are immediate in terms of lower risk, higher quality, higher velocity, and efficiency. Thus DevOps is both a development methodology and a culture. It is most definitely a critical component of Digital transformation journey.

We have extensively enabled and deployed DevOps processes at Tech-driven businesses, in large Transformational projects involving cloud migration, micro-services development, API- based integration, unstructured data processing and Big data.

We integrate ‘Continuous’ into all SDLC phases – Plan, Build, Test, Integrate and Monitor. Extensively using containerization; continuous Integration; automation for test, deploy and infrastructure we build mature processes that are stable and upwardly evolving.

Our DevOps engineers recommend a tool set/ software based on the unique business context you are in. We have extensively used Terraform, Ansible, Docker, Jenkins, OpenShift, AWS and GCP(GKE) among others in delivering DevOps success.

Our Offerings

Our solutions and services are designed for accelerated adoption of Enterprise DevOps. Following are our implementation and support offerings

Cloud Migration


Infrastructure and Application Monitoring


Configuration Management