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Heights, scaled.
Markets, bridged.
Infallible infra.

Intelligent DAIS Infrastructure for Business Resiliency

The health of tech-infrastructure is a prime determiner in how well your mission-critical applications perform. In other words, your infrastructure can enable or disable your business capabilities. CTOs the world over are challenged with getting agility out of their ageing infrastructure and making prudent choices with a limited budget in so far as technology options for foreseeable future are concerned.

To help address these challenges, we approach infrastructure transformation in two phases, ensuring that it meets not just the current, but also future needs. In phase one, we target increasing elasticity, decreasing risk and achieving lower TCO. In phase two, we judiciously make recommendations and implement modern technologies at a scale that deliver higher value and build business resiliency.

Delivering large transformation projects, we integrated some key learnings (listed below), a wider variety of skills, automation and analytics to design DAIS approach to infrastructure transformation; an innovative, holistic and more impactful way to achieve ‘Digital Infrastructure’.

Some of the lessons are

  • Technology and process understanding of
    • What works and
    • What doesn’t work
  • Data-driven change management
  • Multi-tool set experience
  • Infra vs App resources optimization
  • Integration of information security standards and Best Practices across tech landscape
  • Custom scripts
  • Quality engineering

DAIS™ approach to
Infrastructure Transformation

Thus the DAIS approach delivers faster ROI along with cost and compliance benefits, in comparison to traditional approach. CTOs also appreciate the clear gains in up-time & availability, scalability, agility, unified technology view, not to mention the peace of mind.

Our Offerings

Following are our infrastructure management services offerings delivered remotely or in a hybrid model.

Reach us today to understand how we architect and build Intelligent infra that lets your Business be agile and resilient.