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‘Business First’ Applications.
Discover the Super Powers of Users.

Combine Design and Systems Thinking to Overcome Legacy Drag.

Digital economy Businesses are expected to be agile performance engines delivering consistent results quarter after quarter. Hence Businesses put in the hard yards to create a technology systems backbone that can deliver both on amplifying capabilities and longevity (ROI). But the results, difficult as they are to achieve, can be short-lived as technology gets outdated causing a ‘legacy drag’ (negative-impact) on Business Capabilities.

From ‘how to keep up with business demands’ to ‘amplified business capabilities’ is a paradigm shift we engineer through Business-first applications; scalable, responsive and secure Applications with high user engagement and connectivity. It bestows an ability to provide an all-weather reliable system that is backed by a fast-response mechanism in anticipation of tomorrow’s business needs.

We extend the life of dated technologies through parallel phases of migration and rapid development, gradually transforming into a Fluid and Intelligent “Digital Application Environment” managed through “Continuous improvement” methods. Thus you become Digital economy ready with a tech-backbone that delivers capability and performance gains.

Transforming to
“Business first” Applications

End state benefits/ status:

  • Lower TCO
  • Agile, Scalable & Elastic
  • Leverages Analytics
  • Speed to Market
  • Leverages Analytics
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Improved Customer Engagement & Satisfaction
  • Fosters Collaboration & Innovation
  • Creates Connected Enterprise

Approaches to
Migration and Modernization


Migrate apps with minimum code changes.


Redeploy apps and change infra configurations.


Redevelop app source code and move to the target platform/stack.


The app is replaced by a new solution and deploy to the target platform.

Our Offerings

Modern Application Development

  • Leverage API & Micro Services, Agile/Dev Ops, Cloud Native, and Analytics. Enrich with UX/ UI
  • Build Cloud-first/Mobility-first/API-first business-ready platforms that are light, open, modular and highly available
  • Our capabilities extend across multiple development stacks and business processes
  • Provide global delivery

Application Support & Maintenance

  • 24*7 global support for business-critical applications
  • Monitoring and alerting services, incident and change management
  • Automation, productivity benefits for TCO
  • Compliance with data privacy standards

DAIS™ Application Transformation

  • Consult for assessment, feasibility, risk, options development, approach and tech stack finalization, roadmap
  • Develop a design and high-level project plan based on DAIS approach ensuring the following:
    • Ensuring performance benefits from infrastructure
    • Highest priority to security protocols and standards
    • Optimum use of automation
    • Data quality
    • Analytics for alerts and decision-making
    • Deployment of a wide variety of skill sets
  • Implementation

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how we can build ‘Business First’ applications.